This is a level of nerd-dom I never thought I would reach, yet no-one around me seemed surprised, I guess I just look nerdier than I thought.

While on holiday in the Lake District Mr P had a surprise for me! After a long drive through mountains and around lakes we arrived at Cockermouth; a large sign and a statue of a sheep with a woolly coat on greeted me: Woolfest! The original wool appreciation festival.

It was quite daunting as we entered the huge warehouse, surrounded by old ladies in knitted jumpers talking about percentages, needles and spinning. I don’t know what I expected as we entered but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a pen with sheep in looking up at me and bleating. It was wool appreciation as I’d never seen it; you could even buy raw wool, seemingly straight off the sheep.


What a fluffy face!

As a crocheter this was particularly daunting as there is very little to do with crochet here, everybody knits. There were knitting patterns everywhere, various types of fancy knitting needles and all the examples of things you could make were knitted.

I find it difficult to buy wool without a project in mind; I find I can’t just pick up a load of something I like, what if it’s not enough or if it’s the wrong weight? I’m currently in the middle of a project for a friend of mine so I was having trouble even contemplating what my next one would be. With a few little prods from Mr. P I made my first tentative purchase… buttons


Ok, so I didn’t exactly break the bank but one can never have too many buttons

Right, yes I know, I’m bad at buying things. I can’t go to woolfest and not buy some wool. So after careful deliberation and getting rather confused I decided to take up knitting! For very good reason too, how could I resist such cute knitting needles?!!


So these needles are from KnitPro, they are made from stunning rainbow colours and feel wonderfully smooth in the hand. In fact I may just have to invest in the matching crochet hooks I love them so much!

After scouring the various stall for patterns I was most impressed by the soft lace wool available at the Chester Wool Co stall and that they offered a free pattern for you to use. They had completed items and the appropriate wool next to the patterns making choosing my pattern and wool a much less stressful affair. I chose a pattern for a lovely shawl as my first foray into knitting; wish me luck! If anyone has any tips or comments on knitting (or if you also visited woolfest this year) please comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

So I may be a complete nerd, but I loved woolfest!

Have a lovely day, here’s a pair of Llamas

IMAG0056 (1)


Feverishly finishing

Today I’m doing something a little different and writing a post based on a writing prompt; today that writing prompt is a single word: Burn

When I saw the word burn I thought hot, fever and from that speed. I think the reason I thought this was that my last week has been spent feverishly crocheting to finish a baby blanket with a strict deadline. I have a baby shower tomorrow for a close friend of mine and I really really wanted it to be ready on time. I think the gift loses some impact if presented at the wrong time and becomes a bit less special, at least to me.


This probably isn’t the best baby blanket I’ve ever made but it holds a special place for me. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to appliqué and the appliqués I’ve chosen are sentimental for me and my dear friend receiving the blanket. The road was not easy for this blanket; creating the right ridges, learning to appliqué, failing at creating lettering… but those are all stories for another day.

When you get into a project that you just do it every hour of the day, that you think about solving your problems as you fall asleep, when you grab every free 30 seconds here and there to do a few stitches, you become feverish. It has burned its way through your brain.

Have a lovely day, here is a picture of a Llama