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So you’ve picked up a hobby eh?

I was never into hobbies as a child…. I was asked if I wanted to play an instrument or take up a sport but I just said no; hard to know if I was worried it would cost too much money, or if I just couldn’t be bothered. As an adult I wish I had taken all those opportunities while I had all the time in the world and while someone else was paying for it. Now I feel like I want to learn everything but work and life often get in the way….

I come across people and they say ‘ooh you play violin? I wish I could play an instrument’ or ‘That blanket is lovely, I wish I could make things’ and ‘I wish I could cook’, ‘I wish I had the time’, ‘I wish I had the patience’ and what I really want to say is:

‘You can do whatever you set your mind to’

All of my hobbies I began in my twenties so when people just say they can’t, I think it’s never too late. As cliché as that is.

Ok so I didn’t mean for my first post to be a rousing speech on how we can do whatever we set our minds to, however that is the spirit of how I want people to feel as they read this blog. Crochet is the one hobby I’ve picked up that I feel anyone can teach themselves, you can do it during your normal routine and you will feel the immense satisfaction of actually creating something from a piece of string. No, it’s not easy but neither is it impossibly difficult. Give it a go sometime.

Have a lovely day, here is a picture of a puppy